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  Письма, отзывы, впечатления участников Всемирного дня философии
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Письма, отзывы, впечатления участников Всемирного дня философии

Luca Scarantino,

PhD, Equipe d'épistémologie des modèles sémiotiques et cognitifs, EHESS. Secretary-general of Fisp General Editor, Diogenes. Conseil international de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines (Paris, France).
”I wanted to thank you for all you, Prof. Guseinov and all your colleagues did. It was a great experience and a good occasion to meet old and new friends. And a lot of work, of course.
Something that I want to mention is that you should consider if Fisp can do something for the current threatens to the Institute. I wonder whether we can be of some help, but in case we could do something, please rely on us”. 


Professor Gholamreza Aavani,

Director of Iranian Institute of Philosophy.
It was an honor to attend the celebration of the World Philosophy Day which was so marvelously planned and executed. The academic standard of the International Congress was very high and we were able to meet some distinguished scholars for the first time. Thanks to the patronage of Prof. Stepaniants, the statutes of the International Society for Islamic Philosophy (ISIP) were approved by the Steering committee of FISP, which will be an unforgettable memory both for me and the ISIP members. Thank you again for your hospitality and for your indefatigable efforts in celebrating this International event”. 


Dermot Moran,

Professor of Philosophy (Metaphysics and Logic), School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

“Having organised conferences myself, I know how difficult it is to keep everyone happy. You did a great job and your student helpers were excellent. Your event was indeed open and democratic and I came away with a very good impression as I already told you”.


Josiane Boulad-Ayoub,

de la Société Royale du Canada Académie des Lettres et Sciences humaines. Département de philosophie, UQAM. Professeur titulaire de philosophie moderne et titulaire de la
Chaire Unesco d'étude des fondements philosophiques de la justice et de la société démocratique.
”Dear friends, I would like to thank you again for the so memorable Unesco World Day of Philosophy. The meetings were very fruitful. I was specially interested by the philosophy for children as we conduct here a similar experience. Thank you profusely for your generosity and your hospitality. I enjoyed very much my return in
Russia which I visited in the first year of the perestroika at the occasion of a congress of the society of philosophy of sciences”.


Fred Dallmayr,

Packey J. Dee Professor, Departments of Philosophy and Political Science. University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, USA.

Having returned safely from Moscow I want to thank you again for inviting me and allowing me to participate in the Philosophy Day proceedings... That afternoon with its book presentations demonstrated the intellectual vibrancy of the Moscow Institute of Philosophy”.


Dermot Moran,
Professor of Philosophy (Metaphysics and Logic), School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.
”I have now arrived back in Dublin and I write to thank you and your colleagues at the Institute of Philosophy for the wonderful three days of philosophy we had in Moscow. I know it was very busy and very tiring but I also found it must productive and I greatly valued meeting so many Russian and international philosophers of the highest distinction.
Please accept my congratulations and profound thanks for the most professional manner in which you hosted the International Day of Philosophy”.


Жан Феррари (Jean Ferrari), руководитель комитета по образованию при Исполкоме МФФО.

“Chère Marietta, de retour à la maison, nous voulons, ma femme et moi, vous remercier chaleureusement pour votre accueil amical et vous féliciter pour la parfaite organisation de ces journées de la philosophie, en particulier celle de votre table ronde que j'ai trouvée extrèmemement intéressantes”. 


Univ. Prof. i. R. Dr. Herta Nagl-Docekal, Vice President of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies, Department of Philosophy, Vienna University, Wien, Austria. 

“Dear Director Guseinov, dear Marietta, thank you very much for the notes of appreciation you sent to the CD members of FISP. But I think it is rather up to us to express heartfelt gratitude: My warmest thanks for organizing such an interesting international conference, for sharing with us the special event of commemoration of the Russian philosopher Solovyov, and for being such wonderful hosts throughout our meeting!” 


Hans Poser, Member of the Steering Committee of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies, Institut für Philosophie, Wissenschaftstheorie, Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte der Technischen Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 

“Dear Marietta, back to Berlin it is my first act to express my warmest thanks for all what you have done to arrange this stimulating meeting at Moscow: I know how difficult it is to organize such a congress! You have managed it in an excellent way, so that it has been a great success for you and for the Institute. Personally, I have been happy to see all my colleagues and old friends as Guseinow, Lektorsky, Stepin and Kassavin”.


Рузана Псху

доцент Университете Дружбы народов.

«Очень интересные доклады, интересные люди, теплая атмосфера и самое главное, интересная тема. Спасибо».


Сергей Серебряный,

профессор РГГУ.

«Еще и еще благодарю Вас за то, что Вы пригласили меня участвовать в Международном дне философии. Было очень интересно, хотя, как всегда в подобных случаях, более интересно было просто общаться с людьми по поводу того, о чем говорилось на заседаниях. Презентация книг под конец была просто праздником